Monday, May 10, 2010



Anna May Wong

The Suffragettes


By Polly Guerin

Calling all Fashionistas!!! Now hear this!!! The American woman has her day at the MET, American High Style stars in Brooklyn, Eco Chic at SCAN and Luxury shopping at the Limelight. Here’s the Scoop!!!

AMERICAN WOMAN: Fashioning a National Identity” is a rather flashy but delightful tour through visual and panoramic presentations of women’s style with musical sound tracks and 30s movie clips that evoke drama on a theatrical level of performance. Mrs. Astor’s Newport mansion serves to present “The Heiress” icon, Charles Frederick Worth’s gowns recall the Victorian era, the “Suffragists” portray their political message with marches and banners and “The Flapper” cuts a rug to a backdrop of an Art Deco skyscraper. The Costume Institute exhibit, through August 15, explores the American Woman from 1890s to
Not to be undone, the Brooklyn Museum’s show, “AMERICAN HIGH STYLE: Fashioning a National Collection,” rivals with its own show, a retrospective of about 85 pieces, with a focus on dresses from the mid- 19th century to the mid-20th century. A whimsical Elsa Schiaparelli butterfly-print dress takes center stage as do some Charles James 40s dresses, Paul Poiret gowns, and a nice assortment of accessories. Major designers of the era include Vionnet, Norell, Claire McCardell and Halston. Brooklyn Museum of Art, 200 Eastern Parkway.
ECO CHIC-Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion at Scandinavia House, Nordic Center in America, showcases Swedish fashion designers such as Nudie and Camilla Norrback, who take an environmental friendly and ethical approach to their work, without sacrificing an ounce of fashion. Case in point: Fashion conceals an uncomfortable truth. Today’s textile industry destroys natural habitats and shortens people’s lives. Far too many people work under inhumane conditions and these Swedish designers are taking an ethical fashion into mainstream. Through August 21. FREE Scandinavia House, 58 Park Ave.
THE LIMELIGHT MARKETPLACE transforms the former nightclub to an upscale fashion mall turning the massive Gothic Style Church into a fashion venue and luxury shopping experience. The brightly lit multilevel space at New York’s 6th and 20th St. contains 60 shops and cafes to while away the hours in one of the most fascinating array of merchandise. There is nothing like it on Ladies Mile, that houses the string of old world department stores in the area. From fashion to home, beauty and sugary delights be among the first to be there.
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