Monday, December 16, 2019

STANLEY FELDERMAN Design Visionary By Polly Guerin

Trees in a window draws attention of nature.
It's astonishing to think that an environment that incorporates nature into its environment can resonate in such a positive and creative manner that such spaces 'elevate the spirit.'  It has even been said that people feel better, dress better and tend to linger longer in such places designed by the Los Angele-based dynamic duo Stanley Felderman and his wife and partner Nancy Keatinge. The center core of their oeuvre provides installations with unique nature-centric environments. Felderman's interest in trees lends a unique dimension to his current creative expressions. 
       Keynote speaker, Stanley Felderman, recently presented at the Molly Barnes lunch time cultural meeting at the Roger Smith Hotel, which, by the way, is known for its patronage of  art and sculpture installations. The full house audience was populated with artists and aficionados of the art world, who sat riveted in their seats to view Felderman's image presentation and commentary.     

        An architect, designer and artist, Felderman  is a  pioneer of the "Total"
design concept, mixing art and design for cutting-edge residential projects, tech-forward work spaces, product design for renowned brands and manufacturers, award-winning restaurants and large installations for Creative Artists Agency, Universal Pictures, Fabrege, Disney Studios and Viacom. His work has been shown at the Whitney Museum for Product Design and in 2018 won the "IIDA "CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE AWARD. Their trendsetting oeuvre has won them recognition by MoMA, The Whitney and Newport Harbor Art Museum.
Tech Office Reception, push button for monitor 
Felderman states "Our designs address the requirements of technology, communication and interaction. We want people to work anywhere, without having technology be the focal point.

We create spaces (image right) that look visually non-tech driven, but things are available when      ---push a button and monitor pops up."
     Felderman is a native son, born in the Bronx
inspired by Buckminster Fuller, creating the maximum out of the minimum. "Since I was a kid I always loved art and wanted to be an artist. Then there was Italy: The New Domestic Landscape which introduced Italian Modern Design to America.
      His creativity has a chameleon quality, it is never stagnant, always changing into fresh areas of expression. The latest is his love for nature, particularly trees that he feels communicate and have a life worth listening to. His prolific tree designs respond like sculpture, mosaics and fine textile designs. "I'm always reinventing, looking at things with a fresh eye." Felderman works in
Southern California and the weather has a lot to do with a positive outlook. "When there's beautiful weather almost every day there are more days to bring the outside in. "I'm a native New Yorker, so I bring an East Coast sensibility to the West Coast, It's always about strong design and color.  
The Secret Life of Trees
The team of Felderman-Keatinge stay open minded. They take potential clients on a tour
of and have them talk to past clients. "We create vision boards for them to show a different way, An ideal client understands that a space is an extension of they are." Yet, this dynamic duo is still reaching for the stars and creating world-class environments that resonate with nature and tech-centric purpose. Contact: Felderman Keatinge + Associates, 5976 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. 310.449 4727 or 310 721 7048
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