Monday, January 27, 2020

THE WINTER SHOW at the Armory: Review by Polly Guerin

The WINTER SHOW,  steps forward into the limelight eliminating the word "antiques" from its title, and in its 66th year it remains the quintessential show with plaudits not only from New York City. but as an international icon in cultural and art circles With its refreshing facelift the show sparks with bright lights and innovative booth presentations that entice visitors with eye-popping wallpapers and reflect the theme of the artifacts on display. Speaking of wallpaper, Carolle Thibaut-Pomeranz, noted for antique wallpaper panels is also represented. 
THE WINTER SHOW On view through February 2, 2020, at the Park Avenue Armory,  offers visitors a rare opportunity to step into the ever fascinating  world of art, sculpture and antiques. Whether one is a collector, an antique enthusiast or an individual with novice interest, the show offers an opportunity to view, up close, artifacts from ancient times to modern paintings and sculpture.
UNRIVALED  Hispanic Society Museum and Library
The show's UNRIVALED loan exhibition from the Hispanic Society Museum and Library greets visitors at the entrance features masterworks from across the Hispanic world and is co-curated by the esteemed art historian and curator, Philippe de Montebello, Chairman of the Board of the Hispanic Society Museum and Library and acclaimed architect Peter Marino  At the press opening the sage Mr. Montebello alluded to the fact, "I do not think many of you know about the Hispanic
Society Museum & Library but the exhibit UNRIVALED represents significant masterworks from the Paleolithic age to the 20th century."
Elle Shushan  Exhibitor
THE WINTER SHOW is indeed UNRIVALED and with over 70 exhibitors to visit there's more than a day's visit to explore the booths.  Other highlights include Daniel Crouch Rare Books display of over 50 terrestrial and celestial globes dating from the 16th to the 20th century, Joan B Mirviss LTD, presents Kin to Gin/Gold and Silver, Luster in Japanese modern art, Lobel Modern, Inc. focuses on mid 20th century design while Peter Fetterman Gallery highlights vintage and contemporary photography. The show range of art and antiques includes international booths including Keshishian (London) brings a selection of rare carpets and tapestries.  Visit THE WINTER SHOW online at For full events and programming, exhibitor information visit
      TA TA DARLINGS!!! THE WINTER SHOW is owned and produced by East Side House Settlement a community-based organization serving the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. Visit to learn more.  The Winter Show, 2020, is a breathtaking experience, not only 
the antiques, but the decorative arts and a gentle sweep into modernism gives it an upbeat flair
that is refreshing and inviting to everyone.  Fan mail to:

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