Monday, August 6, 2012


There’s no end to museum attractions to satisfy everyone’s taste for the extraordinary. From comics to lip-reading puppets and a stroll down memories lane it’s the Best of New York, my friends the very best. Here’s the scoop!!!
QUAY BROTHERS at MOMA: On Deciphering the Pharmacist’s Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets is the first major retrospective encompassing the full range of work by the identical twin, Quay Brothers who have labored together in their London studio, Atelier Koninck, for over 30 years, creating avant-garde stop-motion puppet animation, live-action films, and graphic design. As filmmakers, stage designers, and illustrators in a range of genres, the Quays have penetrated many fields of visual expression for a number of different audiences including signature works such as films, The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka (2012) and the music video Long Way Down (1992). Unusual, provocative and worth your inspection their signature style, a mix graphic effects combined with sensual emotional content and intellectually stimulating subjects. MOMA, opens August 12-January 7, 2013. 11 West 53 St.
COMIC MUSEUM MOVES UPTOWN Welcome news!!! MoCCA, a museum devoted to the art of comics and cartoons and its superheroes has moved from its Soho location and is now part of The Society of Illustrators at 128 East 63rd Street off Lexington Avenue. In its tony uptown site the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art will have its own permanent gallery in a climate-controlled setting and continue to conduct educational programs. This should be good news to aficionados of this art form. “New York is important to comics and cartoons because it has been the birthplace of many artists and publishers,” said Ellen Abramowitz, president of MoCCA,”A lot of superhero stories are set in an urban environment almost identical to that of New York City.” What’s more the prestigious Society of Illustrators is a world class holding and exhibits the art of America’s most celebrated illustrators. A membership organization is boosts a fine dining room. Society of Illustrators, 212.838.2560.
BEYOND HUMAN is yet another museum ‘find’ in the city. This exhibit seems right in pace with people walking around attached it their machines. FILM/RIGHT appears in the new museum’s prismatic exhibition “Ghosts in the Machine,” which explores the ties between humans, machines and art leading up to the digital era. The curators organized the show as a Wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities. The “curiosities” include recreations of exhibitions and lost works as well as fictional museums. Viewers can recline inside a re-creation to watch a hypnotic collage of overlapping films and slide projections as though their bodies are being swept away on a sea of images. Through September 30. New Museum, 235 Bowery.
JEAN-MICHEL OTHONIEL: MY WAY introduces one of France’s most prominent contemporary artist’s, features sixty-seven pieces that trace the artist’s career over the past twenty-five years. His organic and geometrical glass sculptures conjure historical and popular references while also evoking the fantasy universe of the fairytale. Works on view include Self-Portrait in Priest’s Robe; The Soul Molded in the Bottom, Black is Beautiful. A group of detailed watercolor sketches for large-scale projects and commissions realized later, include the Kiosk of Nightwalkers (2000), a Metro entrance that has become one of the beloved landmarks of Paris. At the Brooklyn Museum, 200 eastern Parkway.
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