Sunday, October 4, 2020

LOVE IN ACTION By Polly Guerin


Love goes deeper than the heart
Even before dreaming, let's start

To smile a little more each day
Dispel gloom, cheer on and say

"Hello" to everyone you meet
Your message, so kind so sweet

Treat others with unexpected kindness
Lend a helping had to other's blindness

Silently bless a passerby's transgression
Pardon their rudeness and did I mention

Anticipate need before it is requested
Put out your arm, help and elder guest

Share love in a ripple effect it spreads
More love to love from love instead

Send loving energy into this world, I beg
The power of love brings peace instead

Put love in action every minute today
Capture love's rich reward I pray 

Share good new and like spun gold
Everyone's life enriched is foretold