Monday, February 28, 2011


When she came to town Lenora of Peoria knew the score and checked her ‘to do’ list. Let’s see she mused, “There’s Kalman’s variations, Bling/Bling and old Rembrandt--all such heady stuff, so I’ll take in a fitness session to round out the day.” Only in New York my friends, only in New York. Here’s the Scoop!!!
MAIRA KALMAN: Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World) In an entirely different venue of original whimsicality The Jewish Museum introduces the first major museum survey of the work of illustrator, author and designer Maira Kalman. Known for her probing imagery, the exhibit features a selection spanning 30 years of 100 original paintings, drawings and sketches shown along with the many ways Kalman’s work has entered contemporary culture—in books, magazines, and on commercial products, from clothing to watches. 1109 Fifth Ave., at 92nd St. 212. 423.3200.
The Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels “Glitter and Be Gay” sings the opera singer and she may well have been thinking of the bling/bling exhibit of 350 jewels from the famed jeweler on display in clear see through bubbles featuring exquisite jewels through the decades, one stunning piece as early as 1908, plus a section of jewels on loan from famous celebrities and movie stars. Through June at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum 2 E. 91st St., 212.849.8400.
Two royals, the railroad tycoon Henry Clay Frick and Fritz Lugt, meld their collections of Old Masters and put them on display at the tony Frick Collection. Therein relive the glory days and bask in the Frick’s exquisite period rooms, which give a warm respite from the last chill of winter. Check out the oriental rugs, furnishings and masterpieces and don’t miss the oval room showcasing the newly restored 1658 self-portrait of Rembrandt peering out with a captivating gaze having been cleared of seven layers of varnish. 1 E. 70th St. (between Madison & Fifth) 212.288.0700.
Is the perfect ending to a cultural day of museum hopping. Previous events included a Spiritual Entertainer but on March 2nd Magen Banwart and her Fitness Team will start the activities right off Fifth Avenue at Norma Kamali’s boutique with great samplings, healthy refreshments, plus amazing goodies to take home with you! 6-8 p.m., at 11 W. 56 St., tickets @ $28. Oh by the way you can also go shopping. To reserve:
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Monday, February 21, 2011


“There’s nothing to do,” said Sue, “I’m bored to the core, is there nothing to explore?” Polly the scoop was amazed. “My dear, there’s so much to see and explore, I’m heading to see the Great Upheaval, the Intrepid Museum, Indian Tipis, and then there’s the tale of two Climates. Only in New York my dear, Only in New York. Here’s the scoop!!!
When Vasily Kandinsky and Franz Marc formed the group De Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) in late 1911, the artists predicted a watershed in the arts, a Great Upheaval that would radically challenge traditional artistic production. The Great Upheaval at the Guggenheim illuminates the dynamism of this fertile period, and unites and Guggenheim Foundation’s remarkable collections in New York and Venice in order to capture the spirit and dynamism of the European avant-garde. Works include 48 artists including Marc Chagall, Marcel Duchamp, Kandinsky, Fernand Leger, Pablo Picasso, among other greats of the era. Through June 1, 2011.
Women have their day of recognition at “American Women on the Home Front,” a new exhibition that shows women’s roles in wartime efforts during WWI and WWII at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, located at Pier 86, 46th Street and 12th Avenue opening Tuesday, March 1st. The depiction of women in the posters shows the changing roles of women between the two wars, from modest participation in WWI to active service in WWII. The exhibit is part of a month of special programs and events at the Intrepid that salutes women in honor of Women’s History Month. Through March 31st .
TIPI: Heritage of the Great Plains
Celebrates, the TIPI, an architectural form which was the center of Native American Plains family life and remains an essential structure for ceremonial occasions. Enter the TIPI exhibition where three full-size Tipis invite you to experience living with more than 150 objects of Native American Indian Heritage. Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway,
Winter in New York can be tough on anyone as well as their garden---whether it be a community garden, backyard plot, or the New York Botanical Garden. But add a blanket of snow and, oh, how lovely it all becomes when stark whiteness highlights the woodland architecture of the Native Forest. To banish cabin fever take a trip of the tropics by train and visit the refurbished Enid A. Haupt Conservatory for a dose of sultry warmth of the tropics. Caribbean Garden thrills with verdant, lush foliage. Escape from the snow is only 20 minutes from Grand Central on Metro-North.
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Monday, February 14, 2011


Atelier D'Ora 1922
This just in…Fashion week in New York is all a buzz at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park, COCKTAIL HATS at the Met Opera Gift Shop, Tokyo Fashion Fiesta at FIT, and the Opium Kimono at NEUE. Only in New York, my friends, Only in New York. Here’s the scoop!!!
Ellen Christine Couture Millinery introduces her take on the iconic cocktail hat of the 1950’s reinvented and with brand new bravado in her “Diva Collection” introduced at the Metropolitan Opera House’s gift shop. Her collection fuses history, fashion and high drama in hat concoctions that sit on the pretty heads of models and would be starlets. These hat creations are destined to capture opera patrons’ desire to own something as we say, “je ne sais pas,” something marvelous, so tempting that they are irresistible. Visit her at 99 Van Dam St. 4E by appointment.
But it’s not the same old song there’s a rash of young, vibrant designers showing their collections in a show-packed and heady pace with trends galore to suit everyone’s fashion fantasies from true to bone classics to minimalism and way out kooky renditions for clubby fashionistas. Quite frankly there’s something for everyone. Art Deco aficionados may remember Sonia Delaunay’s iconic geometric, architectural blocked dresses which perhaps inspired BCBG Max Azria’s collection where the color-blocked dresses had a nice modern verve. Effortless chic turned heads at St. John and the lush life took to luxurious furs and trims and chunky knits. For full coverage of New York Fashion Week. See
For an exotic, extraordinary fashion sensation go to Cosplay fashion show with costumes inspired by j-subculture, manga, and anime featuring brands, Putumayo, Rion, Visual-kei and more, a hair and makeup demonstration and lecture by Akiko , Yumiko and Fujiko on how to make hair and makeup for Gothic, Lolita, Cosplay, gal fashion style).All this followed by a tea party reception. February 17 at 6 p.m. Katie Murphy Amphitheater at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Seventh Avenue at 27th St. Registration required: email Or call 212.217.4585.
Very intoxicating this unique kimono gives you an opportunity to own a piece of fashion art crafted with centuries-old modes of craftsmanship. In conjunction with the Neue Galerie’s upcoming exhibition, “Vienna 1900,” the Design Shop has collaborated with renowned textile designer Madeline Weinrib to create an exclusive kimono, tailored from a hand-woven ikat silk/cotton fabric, inspired by an image from Viennese photographer Madame d’Ora, 1922 pictured. Each kimono is a hand-sewn collectible unites Weinrib’s sensibility as a painter with the Opium pattern, an exclusive available in the Museum’s Design Shop.
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Monday, February 7, 2011


John Montelone with his Four Seasons Guitars
Guitars strike a musical note at museums this week strumming their stuff from legendary craftsman and artist renditions while the Balenciaga vernissage continues and a Moroccan wedding and fashion week debuts. Only in New York, could such versatility exist. Here’s the scoop!!!
GUITAR HEROES: LEGENDARY CRAFTSMEN FROM ITALY TO NEW YORK Guitar aficionados need only strum their way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where the unprecedented exhibition of approximately 80 musical instruments focuses on the work of the modern-day New York master luthiers; John D’Angelico, James D’Aquisto, and John Monteleone. The works on view have been owned by some of the guitar greats and include masterpieces of Italian and Italian-American construction, showing the place of the modern-day masters in this long tradition. Photo of John Monteleone from the book Archtop Guitars: the Journey from Cremona to New York by Rudy Pensa, photogrpah by Vincent Ricardel. From Feb. 9th to July 4th. Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street. A second most interesting exhibit is Cezanne’s Card Players, created in 1890s while the artist was living with his family outside Aix-en-Provence.
Artistic interpretation of the guitar examines a Moment of radical experimentation in 20-the century art focusing on Picasso’s two Guitar constructions which resembled no artwork ever seen before: Guitar, assembled from cardboard, paper, wire, glue and string in 1912 and a second version made of sheet metal in 1914. Picasso had packed them away together almost a century ago prompts a good reason to visit two of the most iconic works by the artist. The exhibition on view from Feb. 13th to June 6th also brings together some 65 closely related collages, drawings, paintings and photographs. At MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, 11 W. 53rd St.
The Queen Sofia Spanish Institute’s Balenciaga exhibit features the work of the great Spanish couturier, Christobal Balenciaga, who was a master of shapely simplicity. A rare opportunity so see several couture pieces never been seen on view to the public, includes a traje de luces (bullfighting costume) and a manton de manila (rose embroidered shawl). 684 Park Ave. between 68th and 69th streets.
The models are ready to command the runways on Thursday when Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicks off in Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park. Word has it that Adrienne Vittadini will feature models over 35. Now that’s a switch to reality!!! According to the Style report in amNew York, Diane von Furstenberg is set to decorate the VIP star Lounge with her new home collection. “Whether it will feature wrap-dress pillows remains to be seen.”
Celebrates the historic patrimony of Moroccan Jewry and presents the history, art and music of the Jews of Morocco in an ongoing exhibit. The American Sephardi Federation's recent 'Tableau Vivant' a theatrical and musical rendition of a traditional Moroccan Jewish Bridal celebration, 'Noche de Berberisca’ depicted the bride and her bridesmaids in full ceremonial dress in an authentic Moroccan setting, enhanced with Sephardic songs. Listen and view past events at ASF, 15 W. 16th St.
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