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Rain Room at the Museum of Modern Art
Venture out on your cultural pursuits and New York City never disappoints, it just overwhelms with the rich treasure trove of museum, gallery openings and events that will crowd your agenda. Only in New York, my friends, The Best of New York. Here’s the scoop!

SUBLIMING VESSEL: The Drawings of Matthew Barney, best known for his sculptures and films, but drawing also plays a critical role in his work in this first exhibition devoted entirely to his drawings, created in conjunction with the Cremaster film cycle and his current project River of Fundament that traces his investigation of drawing as an activity both independent from and linked to his sculptural and performance practice. . Also on view is a selection of Barney’s storyboards for his films and videos. Over time, Barney’s work has evolved into multi-character productions that rely increasingly on storytelling related to the folklore and myth of a particular site. Through Sept. 2, 2013. An artist talk, a conversation with Matthew Barney takes place on May 15 at 7pm. For tickets contact 212.685.0009 x 560 at The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison.

RAINING CULTURE: You'll feel like 'singing in the rain.' A new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art basically allows you to walk in the rain in Rain Room and it is quite an experience, as only MoMa can produce. In a carefully choreographed sequence visitors walk through a 1000-square-meter room where 2000 liters of rain pour from 46,000 nozzles above without getting wet. WHEW!!! Wherever you walk a dry area forms around you. The Installation is situated on the West lot as part of MoMa, PSI’s Expo I, New York Festival. HOW DOES IT WORK? Six to seven people can enter the room at the same time. You must proceed slowly, walk too fast and you will get drenched. Bring an umbrella, just in case. Through July 28, 2013. At MoMa, 11 W. 53rd St.

THE MARCHES! 136TH Birthday of Isadora Duncan the dance company will perform The Marches! An evening of revolutionary dances of heroism, strength and like at the Ailey Citigroup Theatre on May 16, 17, and 18, 2013. The program will showcase many seen solos and group works nearly lost to the public. These signature pieces of Isadora Duncan’s career are theatrically staged by Lori Belilove at The Ailey Citigroup Theater, 405 W. 55th St. at 9th Avenue. T 212.691.5040.

THE GREAT GATSBY: POLLY’S MOVIE PICK OF THE WEEK: The Great Gatsby does not disappoint it just overwhelms at first with vulgarity and depravity at its heightened frenzy during the Jazz Age parties at Gatsby’s mansion. But surprisingly, this potent adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel also satisfies as drama with the deep love of the nouveau- rich gangster Gatsby and his tragic pursuit of ex-girlfriend, Daisy, who is married to a rich, philandering lout. The movie lusts with sentimentality and an unwavering unrequited love story. Gatsby has spawned a wide range of fashion incarnations like the Miuccia Prada- designed clothes on display at the 575 Broadway store, Deco jewelry at Tiffany and Deco Parties and 20’s Cocktail revivals.

Ta Ta Darlings!!! I’m off to catch a bit of rain at MoMa. Fan mail welcome at Visit Polly’ Blogs on fashion, menremarkablevisionaries and womendeterminedtosucceed@blogspot. Just go to and click on the links in the left-hand column of the page.

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