Monday, April 20, 2015

LAFAYETTE'S RETURN and the Hermione: Review by Polly Guerin

One of the big historical events of 2015 takes us back to 1780, when the French frigate called the Hermione
brought the Marquis de Layayette with exciting news of renewed French aid for the American Revolution.
   "The Frigate of Liberty" in which Lafayette sailed to American has historical significance in its role in turning the tide of the American Revolutionary War.What does this mean to you?
    Thomas Fleming the eminent author and board member of the New York Revolutionary Round Table, summed up what the Hermoine means.He declared that without Lafayette, there probably would not have been a French alliance, and with the French alliance, America would have lost its war of independence.
"She sails like a bird," the Marquis de Lafayette wrote about the Hermione, the ship that carried him and a decisive stache of arms across the Atlantic in aid of the nascent American Revolution.
   The Hermione is an invaluable part of history and the idea of reconstructing an authentic, historical replica of the Hermione, made by hand using the techniques of the eighteenth century, was conceived in 1993 by the organization French Friends of Hermione-Lafayette in America. The reconstructed Hermione is a work of pure craftsmanship in glorious original colors. This is a riveting event and in the summer of this year, a reconstructed Hermione returns to America leaving from France and visiting ports along the east coast of the United States for a summer of celebrations, spending the fourth of July in New York. 

A New York Historical Society exhibition, Lafayette's Return: The Boy General," the
American Revolution and the Hermione, focuses on both the recreated ship and Lafayette himself , the Boy General,  whose close friendship with George Washington and diplomatic networks in Paris helped win the war. The exhibit highlights Lafayette's early years from his initial advocacy on behalf of the Revolution in the late 1770s to the Hermione's voyage in 1780 and the events leading to the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781.                                                                                                                                                       Celebrating this historic event the French Institute Alliance Francaise, FIAF, presents the world premiere of  the play Hermione Project Lafayette on Wednesday April 22 at 7:30 pm and an additional date, Thursday, April 23 at 7:30 pm. Tickets $25 with code SM25, the FIAF Box Office 1 800 982 2787.  An opening night benefit dinner, catered by award-winning chef Daniel Boulud's Feast & Fetes in FIAF's Le Skyroom $400 includes the performance and dinner on April 22. The event venue  for the two performances is at the Alliance Francaise, Florence Gould Hall, 55 East 59th Street
  Discover this incredible story of the young Marquis de Lafayette, French hero of the American Revolution. The play celebrates the historic return to the United States of the Hermione, an authentic reconstruction. 
At the age of 19, Lafayette sailed to as a volunteer soldier In this new play inspired by letters between Lafayette and his wife, follow the young couple's life of adventure, and their political brinkmanship in securing support for the American cause from a reluctant king. 
   Ta Ta darlings!!! The Hermione is an event not to missed. For further information about the Hermione's exact sailing dates check with the website Friends of Hermione-Lafayette.
For information about the The New York American Revolutionary Round Table, NYARRT contact chairman David Jacobs, at 
   The exhibit, Lafayette's Return: "The Boy General," the American Revolution and the Hermione, opens May 19 and extends through to August 16, 2015 at New York Historical Society, NYHS, located at 79th Street and Central Park West. The Hermione event is a truly historical adventure that has resonates for all members of the family.. 
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