Friday, June 24, 2016

BILL WIEMUTH/LAURA SABLE: Mississippi River Entertainers: Review by Polly Guerin

Bill and Laura Channeling George Burns & Gracie Allen
What is it about the Mississippi River? Stories, songs, sentiments about the great river continue to capture the collective imagination of paddleboat river cruise travelers. 
     On a recent trip I met a storyteller of remarkable diversity. Bill Wiemuth is not your ordinary entertainer nor is his wife, Laura Sable, who I have dubbed the Mississippi Songbird. 
       These two individualistic entertainers are a Tuneful Twosome not only on riverboat cruises but in corporate and theatrical venues. 
       However, I cannot talk about Bill without giving Laura equal billing, but first let me indulge in poetic license and say a few words about Bill.
I know what it takes to do archival research as my historical books in 2012 and 20l5 attest to this fact. So I appreciate that Bill's professional oeuvre is spread over several disciplines and like a theatrical impresario he wears several hats---show producer, musician, storyteller, magician, historian and author. 
       Bill's archival history makes his storytelling a unique, educational and entertaining experience. He says, "I have researched, written, and lectured about United States rivers for the last fifteen years.  It's been a rewarding journey." 
       Indeed, Bill's entertaining lectures keep guests riveted to their seats as he enchants them with historical information that they never knew they needed.  For an afternoon's diversion Bill, the quintessential showman, also delivers an entertainment, "10 Amazing Card Tricks Anyone Can Do."
      Bill continues, "I have traveled aboard more than 300 United States riverboat cruises and delivered close to 2,000 lectures. And I've loved every minute! I lecture to 180 cruise guests a week, but I want to make a bigger impact and get more Americans fascinated with our country's historical past."
Bill Wiemuth, the Quintessential Showman/Magician
 This multi-faceted entertainer is not just a showman, his archival research illustrates his genuine respect for America's glory days, and his website is so interesting, I am sure you will want to visit it time and again. He shares brief and fascinating gems of historical data and says that he "hopes to inspire a fascination for America's past to ensure the potential of its future." Quite frankly, in my school days, I wish the teachers had taught history using Bill Wiemuth's method, it would have been more interesting and the facts more memorable. 

         Bill has created a River History Audio Series, and offers 15 CDs, including Mark Twain and the River, Early Days of Steamboating and The Louisiana Purchase: to order contact You can also find Bill on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.
     Bill works with his wife, co-producer and performing partner, Laura Sable, and they share a passion for the historical past, which is reflected in their performances. Laura ranks high among the 'Ladies Chanteuses" who captivate their audience, not only by their glorious voice, but with storytelling. For instance, dressed for the part with cowboy hat and Western boots, her interpretation of Patsy Cline tells Cline's fascinating life story intertwined with her timeless hit songs.
      Laura is a diversified entertainer and also performs, besides Patsy Cline, a collection of hits from the great ladies of song including Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland. 
Mind you when I closed my eyes for just a tiny second, Laura's interpretation was extremely convincing. Many a gentleman in the audience surely had a twinkle in their eye as they gazed on the lovely songstress.  The Laura Sable Musical CD of this memorable evening can be purchased: Send an email to the following: Or visit Laura's home page on htttp:// 
    Laura is not only a long time riverboat, corporate and special event entertainer but, like Bill, she also has strong ties to the theater.  However, before this handsome couple got together, Laura and Bill were on separate riverboats and a romantic courtship proved to be difficult, to say the least.  However, fate brought them together and romance ensued and now as husband and wife, they are a not-to-be-missed Tuneful Twosome, an entertaining couple par excellence.      
       Through the diversity of historical subject matter, popular music and old-time favorites, Laura and Bill's wide variety of delightful entertainments make the languid days of riverboat travel filled with unforgettable memories.
      Ta Ta Darlings!!! I love to hear from my readers at  Also, don't forget to click for the latest on riverboat history and travel or contact Bill and Laura directly at Bill@RiverHistorycom.

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