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TEFAF, International Art Fair Comes to New York: Review By Polly Guerin

La Ciel, Art Deco Mystery Clock, Cartier
Maastricht, AKA, TEFAF, (The European Fine Art Foundation) and Artvest Partners introduces the quintessential fair of all art fairs "TEFAF New York Fall" at the Park Avenue Armory through October 26 where 94 art and antique dealers are holding court. To the general public this is an experience not to be missed.
       The fair showcases the world's most illustrious dealers of fine art, design, furniture, and jewelry from antiquity through the early 20th century. In a never before seen environment that carries the signature visual identity of TEFAF Maastricht, Europe's biggest and most prestigious art and antiques fair, it gives visitors a taste of the world-renowned Dutch event that takes place annually in March.
Image Left: Le Ciel, an Art Deco mystery clock with a transparent blue night sky dial embellished with rose cut diamond comet hands and mother-of-pearl and enamel hour markers in the form of stars.Signed at the base 'Cartier Paris Londres NewYork.' Paris 1928. At Siegelson, New York.
     Tom Postma Design has transformed the Armory's 
stately historic rooms into a palace of art. Shrouded in translucent white veils to protect the period rooms on the second floor and awe-inspiring white floral arrangements throughout the cushioned exhibition hall, the treasures on display are prominently showcased against a more modern architectural environment for viewing the museum-quality works of art.   Don't be surprised is you run into museum directors, curators and collectors, just about everyone interested in art. As my cab pulled up in front of the Armory the director of the Morgan Library and Museum was waiting patiently for me to exit. I greeted him and he said, "It's a wonderful show, you'll enjoy it."
Book of Hours of Queen Claude de France
     That is exactly right, the new gossamer white atmosphere invites the visitor to linger, to revisit the dealers, and sit on the many couches that provide a chance to catch one's breath as there is so many museum-quality artifacts to discover.
     Image Right: Book of Hours of Queen Claude de France. Illuminated manuscript on vellum in a gold and enamel binding, comprising 39 miniatures, fully illuminated borders surrounding each of the text pages. Circa 1522-1523, binding in Prague, Imperial workshop, circa 1600. From Antiquariat Bibermuhle AG Heribert Tenschert, Remsen, Switzerland
       Then, too, there are other reasons to linger. Bollinger Oyster Bar on the second floor is another respite where you can enjoy Oysters a la Rockefeller or salmon on brown bread with a glass of champagne. The main floor cafe is another choice worthy of mention. Although it was packed when I was there recently, the overflow sat on the banquets outside.
Art Nouveau Screen an Settee Maison Gerard

There are so many wonderful art works to visually tempt our cultural senses that it can set one's head swirling with imagery, so I cannot mention all of the dealers, but one of my favorites is Maison Gerard, New York City and its Art Nouveau treasures exhibited at the fair.
Image Left: Art Nouveau Screen, Carved maple, walnut, mahogany and satinwood. Signed in inlaid monogram. Italy, circa, 1902.
     To the right: Art Nouveau Settee, painted wood, silk velvet upholstery, typical of Georges de Feure's style at the turn of the twentieth century. The high back with scooping lines, paired with straight legs is reminiscent of pieces De Feure created for the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle.  France,circa 1900.
    TEFAF Coffee Talks take place daily from 10:30 to 11:30 am, Empire Restaurant, Board of Officers Room as follows:
Global Art Networks: Digital versus Physical on October. 25, The Art is at Least Twice my age' Life in the Art Market Under 40, Wednesday, October 26.
Ta Ta Darlings!!! It's been quite an adventure at the TEFAF New York Fall Fair. Don't miss it, but if you do there will be a TEFAF New York Spring in 2017. Fan mail welcome at  Polly's other Blogs can be accessed at her website Just click in the left hand column for topics on visionary men, womendeterminedtosucceed (amazing divas) and fashion historian.

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