Monday, September 27, 2010

Mixed Media Attractions in the Big Apple (c) By Polly Guerin

Emilie Becat at the Cafe des Ambassadeurs --

The end of September calendar is over the top with mixed media presentations with the focus on Monopoly and Degas art venues, Frida Kahlo and Miro, only in New York. You can’t blame a gal for improving her mind. Here’s the scoop!!!
JEWELED MONOPOLY SET and Host Tournament at the Museum of American Finance unveils the display of an 18-karat gold Monopoly set covered with hundreds of precious gemstones designed by Sidney Mobell, on loan from the Smithsonian. Adults and children may participate in a Monopoly tournament, Oct. 15th, 48 Wall St. According to the Henry George School, Monopoly was original designed as a Georgist learning tool called the Landlord’s Game and it was later distorted to remove the Georgist message. Hear about “The Monopoly Game Scandal” at 121 E. 30th St. on Oct. 29th.
DEGAS Drawings and Sketchbooks
Introduces more than 20 drawings by Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas from The Morgan Library & Museum collection. Featured is the artist’s dynamic and varied use of drawings depicting contemporary life and portraits of himself, family members, and friends to intensive studies of dancers and performers. Peer into the exhibit and explore Degas’ innovative combinations of essence (thinned oil paint) and pastels as seen in Emilie Becat at the CafĂ© des Ambassadeurs. At 225 Madison Ave. Through Jan. 23, 2011.
FRIDA KAHLO: Face to Face
A new book by artist, Judy Chicago and art historian Frances Borzello turns attention to the work of Frida Kahlo, one of the world’s most revered female painters with a handpicked selection of a hundred portraits by Kahlo that speak to the full spectrum of women’s experience. You’ll remember that Judy Chicago’s best-known work is The Dinner Party, an important icon of feminist art and a milestone in 20th century art. At the Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Sun, Oct 3rd, at 2 p.m.
MIRO: The Dutch Interiors
On view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art beginning Oct. 5 features the artist’s Dutch Interior paintings which have been hung alongside the Dutch Golden age pictures that inspired them. This encounter between the Dutch Masters and one of the most esteemed avant-garde artists of the 20th century is both unexpected and rare. Viewers will see how Miro moved from representational sources to his own language. 1000 Fifth Ave.
Ta Ta darlings!!! So much artistic bounty in the Big Apple. Mark your calendar. I’ll be at Frida’s venue. Fan mail always welcome: Check out Polly’s Blogs: and

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