Monday, September 20, 2010


The Contortionist at Amercas Society

New York City, an international fairytale city, ushers in autumn on a high note of magical happenings with cultural digs to art venues, an artistic wonderland and amazing storytellers right here in the Big Apple, the place to be in September. Here’s the scoop!!!

Americas Society in collaboration with Museo del Arte de Lima presents, “The History of the Jequetepeque Valley” showcasing Pre-Columbian art from the north coast of Peru. Amazing, only in New York my friends, the exhibit represents 3,000 years of the region’s cultural history. A rare opportunity to view the diverse artistic styles employed by the various societies that occupied the valley with ceramic traditions, in addition to textile and metal objects. Some items exhibit a whimsicality and the spirit of fantasy figures. Till Oct 23, 680 Park Ave. at 68th St.
(photograph: Daniel Giannoni)
ROY LICHTENSTEIN: THE BLACK-AND-WHITE DRAWINGS, 1961-1968 at The Morgan Library & Museum presents the height of the Pop Art movement with Lichtenstein’s highly finished, black-and-white drawings that represent an essential contribution the history of modern art. The artist’s drawings recast tawdry illustrations from packaging, newspaper ads, and comic books into works of striking visual intensity, echoing the clean-edge aesthetic of the 1960s geometric abstractions. Represented imagery, culled from consumer culture, include baked potatoes, BB guns and foot medication to name a few. 225 Madison Ave. (between 36th & 37th Sts.) Opens Sept. 24th.
REJOICE! THE NEW YORK STORY CONTINUES: New York is an international fairytale city filled with dreams, adventures and remarkable tales of resilience and true grit. Regina Ress and Laura Simms, storytellers and magicians of words, celebrate the re-opening of the Provincetown Playhouse with stories, mythic and true life, of ordinary magic. Storytelling at the Provincetown Playhouse, 133 MacDougal St. (between West 3rd St. and Washington Sq.) Admission $5 General. Children and students FREE. For tickets: 212.352.3101.
CARNIVAL! Brings out the child in every adult. The Wade Thompson Drill Hall at the Park Avenue Armory transforms itself into a theatrical and artistic wonderland unlike anything New York City has ever experienced. Get ready for the high jinks with a 50-foot Ferris wheel, whimsical performances, rides, games and educational workshops in circus arts. Friday, Oct. 8: 3-9pm, Saturday-Monday Oct. 9-11: 11am-7pm.Tickets available at the door. At 643 Park Ave. (67th St).
Ta Ta darlings!!! Count me in to show up at every one of these fascinating New York events. Feast your eyes on the diverse culture of the city. Fan mail always welcome at Polly’s Blogs include:

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