Monday, November 15, 2010

The Big Apple's Holiday Pot Pourri (c) By Polly Guerin

Cultural adventures in the fast lane of the Big Apple present a cornucopia of venues to titillate your holiday meanderings from fashion exhibitions to art opens and a Home Sweet Home play. It’s a pot pourri. Here’s the scoop!!!

HIS & HERS The Male/Female Divide THE MUSEUM AT FIT’S new exhibit explores the changing perceptions of “masculine” and ‘feminine” dress including so-called unisex and androgynous dress with side-by-side comparisons of men’s and women’s clothing highlighting their differences and similarities. A pinstriped navy blue woman’s pantsuit designed by Yves Saint Laurent, will be shown alongside a Saint Laurent man’s suit in velvet. While skirts are generally regarded as “feminine” garments in Western culture, garments such as kilts and sarongs are common attire for men in other parts of the world. Opens Nov. 30th, Seventh Ave. at 27th St. Due to the popularity of “Japan Fashion Now” the exhibition has been extended through April 2, 2011.
HOME SWEET HOME: Scandinavian American Theater Company Riveting Performance!!! A pleasant reunion becomes a fatal evening in Andreas Garfield’s play, a timely commentary on a welcome home dinner. Inspired by interviews with Danish soldiers “Home Sweet Home” reveals the traumatic experience of war and the unsympathetic indifference of home as refracted through a Nordic country. English translation by Lisa Pettersson. To order tickets go to or call 212.352.3101. Evenings at 7:30 pm, Sat+Sun at 4:30 pm. Fri. Nov. 19th at 7:30+10 pm. Run ends Nov. 28.
Three major sculptural installations related to Hanukkah are on view at the contemporary gallery at The Jewish Museum, Nov. 19th to Jan. 30, 2011. View works such as Alice Aycock’s Greased Lightning, a motorized kinetic sculpture featuring an oversized moving dreidel, the small, inscribed top that children play with during the Hanukkah holiday which begins at sundown on Wed ./Dec. 1 and continues until sundown on Thurs./Dec. 9th. These works are presented in conjunction with Daniel Libeskind’s bold and dramatic installation featuring 40 Hanukkah lamps.
Explores the radical transformation of the medium of drawing through the last century, a period when numerous artists critically examined the traditional concepts of drawing and expanded the medium’s definition in relation to gesture and form. Works of a wide range of artists brings together over 300 pieces that connect drawing to selections of painting sculpture, photography, film and dance. On view from Nov. 21, through Feb. 7, 2011. In conjunction with On Line, five choreographers and performers will stage works with the Museum in January 2011 including Trisha Brown, Ralph Lemon, Marie Cool, Fabio Balducci and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. At MOMA, 11 w. 53 St.

Ta Ta darlings!!! I’m off to His & Hers at The Museum at FIT with my friend Dickie who will wear a kilt and I’ll don the pants. Fan mail always welcome Go to and scroll over to the left hand column list of Polly’s Blogs, just click the one of your choice and Voila the link takes you there. Enjoy!!!

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