Monday, June 27, 2011


Decorative diversity takes us on a stroll through the exotic ‘lost’ world of mystical Hinduism whilst stopping for a spot of tea and tranquility as we ponder the wonders of furniture art. It’s the Best of New York my friends, the Very Best of New York. Here’s the scoop!!!
VISHNU: HINDUISM’S BLUE-SKINNED SAVIOR, Polly’s Exhibit of the Week takes you on a visit to Vishnu, one of the most important Gods in Hinduism, often depicted with four arms, engaging simultaneously in many activities as well as a blue skin tone that associates him with the cool expanses of water and sky. The exhibit explores the many personae and legends of Vishnu, his entourage, and his accoutrements, as well as the diverse traditions of worship related to him. The Brooklyn Museum’s large scale exhibition includes Indian sculpture, paintings, textiles and ritual objects on view through October 2, 2011. 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. Picture above: Vishnu Saving the Elephant, mid 18th century. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper.
KNOLL TEXTILES, 1945-2010 Founded on the premise that a well-designed environment enriches our lives, Knoll, the German-born U.S. furniture producer of modern textile design, supplied sleek, classic and sophisticated furnishings and interior design for chic office environments and gave new meaning to ‘modern’ in the 1940s. The exhibit at Bard Graduate Center, 18 W. 86th St. comprises approximately 175 examples f textiles, furniture, photographs and ephemera using color and texture as primary design elements with new fabrications: parachute webbing, fishnet and manmade fibers. Over the years Knoll’s contribution to modern environments included the work of leading artists, architects and designers including Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier, Mies van de Rohe and Frank Gehry. Through July 31, 2011. Visit
FRANCHIA RESTAURANT, Polly’s Restaurant Pick of the Week is a welcome refuge for a spot of tea in an unexpected location: Park Avenue (Between 34th & 35th Sts.). Tea and tranquility merge in a Zen-like setting that is a welcome retreat from summer sightseeing and museum hopping. With an extensive tea menu you can find just the right tea to tame the heat or soothe a headache. If comfort food is needed, try the Asian-inspired vegan menu that has an exotic flair and tasty sauces. Franchia is located at 12 Park Avenue. 212.213.1001.
ONE LUCKY ELEPHANT Polly’s Movie Pick of the Week is an enchanting story of Flora, adopted at 2 years old by David Balding the owner of a small St. Louis circus who made her into the star attraction and their attachment is a lesson in love and devotion. In the end as both owner and animal become old together Balding must find a home for Flora but the separation is heart wrenching and the separation unbearable for both. The unhappy consequence of this relationship makes one pause to think twice about separating animals from other members of their species. At Film Forum, 209 W. Houston St, west of Sixth Avenue.
Ta Ta darlings!!! I’m off to visit the Blue-Skinned Savior. Fan mail welcome . Visit Polly Blogs at and in the right hand column click on the link to the Blog of your interest.

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