Monday, July 9, 2012


Bergamo Comes to Manhattan and blazing sunsets invite you to cocktails while  we sip away the moments in the cool comfort of cultural sites and beat he heat wave.. Here’s the Scoop!!!

BELLINI, TITIAN, AND Lorenzo LOTTO The Accademia Carrara in Bergamo (northeast of Milan), one of the jewels of Italian museums and a haven for art lovers has loaned the Metropolitan Museum 15 little masterpieces by Venetian and north Italian painters of the 15th and 16th centuries. No need to book a flight to Italy just head uptown to view paintings from about 1450 and 1550 when the golden age for Bergamo local artists were trained in the great workshops of Venice. Lorenzo Lotto seems to be the star of the show which includes three panels fron Lotto’s magisterial alter piece and early poetic, pastoral work by Titian. Every work is a noteworthy and it’s the next best thing to a trip to Bergamo. Through Sept. 3, 2012 Pictured here: Portrait of Lucina Brembati, Venice ca. 1480-1556 Lorenzo Lotto, Accademia Carrara, Bergamo.
DINE AT THE COUNTER in the MET’S Petri Court restaurant with a huge window views of Central Park. No lines, no long wait to get a table. I highly recommend the BTL with a glass of wine.And catch Argentinean artist Tomas Saracento's "Cloud Cities/Air Port City," a futuristic constellation of mirrored modules.
ROOFTOP DELIGHTS Pull up a chair at the Strand on W. 37th Street and watch the glorious New York sunset descend into darkness...head for Pod 39's rooftop terrace that serves up cocktails and sweeping views of the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, then chill out and head for Je & Jo in Hell's Kitchen for homemade ice cream and bakery delights. Need pamper yourself in the summer heat head for Gloria Cabrera's salon on West 23rd Street where Sita's facial will make you glow with youthful vigor.
BASTILLE DAY celebrates oh la la!!! at the Alliance Francaise on 60th Street, Between Madison and Park with entertainments, fancy foods and Parisien music. For an authenic French dinner go to  Mangoire on Second Avenue and 53rd Street, avec some marvelous wine, like Bordeaux Cherie.
Ta Ta Darlings!!! There are so many tempting things to do in NYC.  It is truly a magical place.. Fan mail welcome Visit Polly’s Blogs at and in the left-hand column click on the Blog that interests you from fashion to poetry and visionary men

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  1. I love to go to the Petrie court cafe at 10 am on saturday and have coffee and croissant there! a fave rave.