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Roger Vivier (Bruno Frisoni) Eyelash Heel Pump 
Fashion’s glamour and glitz is on the agenda this week. From the art of perfume, to shows and fashionable females it’s all about style and function in venues and museum openings. Here’s the scoop!!!.

SHOE OBSESSION, an exhibition that examines our fascination with extravagant and fashionable shoes, features approximately 150 examples of contemporary footwear by established and up-and-coming designers alike, highlights the extreme, lavish, and imaginative styles that made shoes the most coveted fashion accessory today.. The show at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, examines how such high-end labels as Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Pierre Hardy and Roger Vivier went from cladding the feet of wealthy fashion insiders to being fetishized by the masses. Credit or blame, some say, goes to “Sex and the City” for ushering in this change, which had led to many women to revise their notion of what’s too high—with regard to both price and heels. Photo by Stephane Garrigues. Opens February 8 through April 12, 2013. At Seventh Avenue at 27th Street. FREE.

IMPRESSIONISM, FASHION AND MODERNITY Opens in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, after a successful run at Paris’s Musee d’Orsay, explores the dynamic between art and la mode from the 1860s to the 1890s, when Paris became the style capital of the world. The show includes period accessories, fashion plates, photographs, popular prints and clothing. Albert Bartholome’s exquisite traditional wedding portraiture, “In the Greenhouse” (c. 1881) depicting the artist’s wife, Perie, combines the studied pose and styling of a traditional portrait with the vibrant palette and painterly brushstrokes of impressionism. When she died six years later her husband kept her purple and white dress and took of sculpture, the medium for which he is now best know. Through May 27th.

THE ART OF THE SCENT 1889-2012 Surveys the art of perfume since the introduction of synthetic molecules expanded the possibilities of the medium through twelve renowned fragrances including Chanel No.5 and L’Eau d'Issey. While it is said the scent of a woman is as significant as the fashion she wears, each work of “olfactory art” is presented here individually, dispersed with special machines to preserve its essence and stripped of its commercial trappings. To illustrate the complex process of creating a perfume, the show traces the development of Lancôme’s Tresor from written brief to final product. At the Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle through Feb. 24.

FEMALE, FASHIONABLE, NEW YORK at MOCA Style brings together three women in the fashion industry from different perspectives to explore the behind-the-scenes of their worlds and how they intersect. It features Mary Ping from Slow and Steady Wins the Race and Jade Lai from Creatures of Comfort. Moderated by Christina Moon the show reveals how being an Asian American woman in the fashion industry in New York can at times be one of the most glamorous roles one can embody. What is less seen is the daily struggle to survive one of the most competitive cut-throat fields in the world. At the Museum of Chinese in America, 125 Centre Street. The program, January 24 at 7pm is FREE and open to the public, courtesy of Target.

THE METRO SHOW at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Not only will fair-goers enjoy casting their eyes on a diverse arrange of fine and decorative arts, from primitive through contemporary, they will also have the opportunity to get even more up-close-and-intime with those subjects through METRO Dialogues---the educational series, consisting of lectures, panel discussions and conversations with curators, collectors, artists, gallerists, and other cultural contributors; guided tours of the fair conducted by art and design world professionals; and lively ART talks with exhibitors and artists on the show floor. Through Jan 27 in Chelsea.

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