Saturday, August 8, 2015

UNITY screens in Cinemas Worldwide August 12th...Review by Polly Guerin

The title of the riveting film, UNITY, signifies the intention of its content---to unify our consciousness. This timely documentary will be distributed by SpectiCast in 1,000-1200 screens across the globe beginning August 12th. With persuasive images the film reminds us it's time to raise our consciousness on a broad scale of many pertinent issues in everyone's life. This is a film of stunning cinematography, a singular and unforgettable cinematic experience. Some images raw and real, filmed as events exist today grips our hearts, and in some cases, tears our emotions apart. 
   "The firm is not so much to entertain, like a pastime, but rather to turn something "on" inside you that has been suppressed or forgotten by the mask that society or tradition puts upon us," said Shaun Monson, the film' director. "But more than that the film also helps relate us to the mystery of existence, to all of existence, where we are merely a part. And as such it demonstrates an interesting power of the film, which not only engages but has a transforming effect on the consciousness of humankind."
    Seven years in the making, the film explores the interconnectivity of all life on earth and our responsibility to do better, to learn from mistakes and to correct wrongdoing, to end senseless wars, to stop the atrocities committed against animals, to end human suffering, slavery and utter poverty, and of course, much, much more. Mr. Monson said, "Peace has to come by a shift in the way people think. We must live by loving instead of living by killing." Mr. Monson stated that great strides have been made in history and incredible leaps in technology, but we are still at each other's throats. "Peace has to come by a shift in the way people think and cultivate love and empathy, choose love over fear."
    The film  is presented in chapters with quotes from famous individuals like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Ralph Waldo Anderson to name a few---and takes an in-depth look at what it means to be human, exploring themes of love, tragedy and, ultimately, hope. Gandhi's comment: "The rich must live more simply, so that the poor may live," resonates as the rich get richer and poor get poorer," for example resonates with us today.
    There are over 100 celebrity narrators lending their voices to this powerful film, far too many to list, but including Deepak Chopra, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Aniston, Anjelica Huston, Kevin Spacey, Phil Donahue, Susan Sarandon. When Monson was asked, "Why did you use actors instead of average people?" He explained that the raw emotions that needed to be conveyed could best be done by professional actors who know how to deliver such commentary in the film." 
     SpectiCast has partnered with Fathom Events for the domestic release  on select U.S. screens. "We at Fathom realize the importance of sharing this impactful documentary with U.S. audiences, said John Rubey, CEO of Fathom Events. "We hope that moviegoers will walk away from the event with a new perspective about the world around them. For more information, visit the website: 
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