Thursday, July 30, 2015

RIZZOLI BOOKSTORE is back on Broadway: Review by Polly Guerin

Rizzoli at 26th and Broadway
Have you ever wondered, "What happened to the  Rizzoli Bookstore, the iconic book seller, that for over 50 years was a  a legendary establishment on 57th Street?" Well, worry no longer. Vanishing New York did not kick this beloved bookstore into the dust pin, instead Rizzoli has dusted itself off and started all over again. It has re-energized and re-established itself in a new space at Broadway and 26th Street. In the hub of activity Rizzoli is situated across from Madison Square Park and  will no doubt attract the cultural intelligentsia, who frequent the antique galleries and fine dining in the area which is known as NoMad.
    Faced with the challenge of finding a new space the store's owners researched over 100 spaces before choosing to establish itself in the landmark, 1896, Beaux-Arts building at 1133 Broadway. This means in its new site Rizzoli is now assured of landmark status and no one can tear it down. WHEW!!! Saved from extinction, the legend lives on.
      Book lovers worldwide will find comfort in knowing that tables and chandeliers from the 57th Street store have not been discarded but have been incorporated into the store design. What's new is the facade with "eyes wide open" windows that draw passerby attention to enter, to browse and to find that familiar art, architecture and fashion books and magazines are still a mainstay. The new shop, however, broadens its range of books and offers current memoirs, business titles and has incorporated a fiction section..
Rizzoli's path to Check Out
Rizzoli now takes its place in the social hub of NoMad for its new home but this time social venues will be part its outreach programs. In addition to book events, Rizzoli plans to reinvent itself with cocktail parties and
The new Rizzoli is obviously not just for art book collectors and serious bibliophile, it has taken on a new persona that is destined to attract a youthful mix of eclectic readers After all, it you're like me, "Not everyone wants to read on a screen." I like to hold a book in my hands and indulge in the time honored ritual of reading a hard cover book in real time..
Rizzoli: Open Mon-Wed, 10/30-7:30, Thurs- Fri 10:30-9:30, Sat. 10:30-7:30, Sunday 11-5..  Closed on Sunday during August.
1133 Broadway @ 26th Street, 212.759.2424.
Ta Ta darlings!!!  When I visit Rizzoli I feel "home at last" and delve into browsing to my heart's content.
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